Alges Portugal November 2019

The Toroa needed new antifouling the Hempel was after one year not working anymore. The yard in Alges was the right place to do this they gave us a fixed price for the hole job without time restrictions. It was only a few hundred euro’s more and because we had a lot of other jobs we decided to let the yard do de job. Karin took this time for a visit to the Netherlands so me and the cats stay to do the jobs.

Gio was smart to clim the ladder up and down so he had a good time in the yard. Woezel stood mental with me to check the electrical system.

The – from the system was connected straight to the ship hull and this will corrodes the aluminium so this was a real master mind play. Had to isolate all antennas, engine, generator and electrical winch.

After a week we got company from the Wings who needed also some maintenance.

3 weeks of puzzling then we had an acceptable resistant between our system and the hull. The Toroa and the Wings could launched. A short stop in Oeiras to do the shopping for the trip to Madeira.

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