12-10-’20 Las Palmas via Los Christianos (Tenerife) to Valle Gran Rey (La Gomera)

After a short sea trail on Saturday ,with our Norwegian friend from sy Bohemen, for a function test from the Toroa. Monday morning at 5.30 we heaving up anchor.

We like to sail from the north between Tenerife and Cran Canaria to see how the wind stepless  accelerate between the islands this instead of cross wind from no wind in these accelerating zone.

When we rounded the north cape there are waves but no wind so uncomfortable rolling but soon the wind machine started and increased smooth until 25 kt (± 4 Bf) the waves increased also. After we rounded the south-east cape from Tenerife the wind disappeared in a mile.

Just before we arrived Los Christianos we received a call from the coast guard if we had seen a small power boat with 2 persons and engine problems. After a while we found them in the middle before big rocks the where not worried at all, there was a man and a pregnant women,  but in the mean time the coast guard was on the way so we could guide them to the motorboat, and the little boat had to towed all away around by the rescue boat, so not a real specular rescue but they were happy that we did assist.

After all it was already late and we decide to take the anchor spot which we knew from the visit with Matthew and Sterre.

It was a beautiful day with 85 miles Karin didn’t like the last hour with the high waves and the strong breeze, but overall it was a good trip.

The next morning the police came and informed us very friendly that we had 10 minutes to get lost, that’s a little strange because we could stay for a week last time in February.

So we set sail to La Gomera it’s only 25 miles so before dark we dropped anchor in Valle Gran Rey.

Valle Gran Rey is a German hippie village at the end of a valley that’s start in the centre of the island. there still life people in very old campers but they can’t move from the stuff which is stored under the cars, also the hippies did not wear anything so you can imagine how that looks like after 60 years?

The 3 days where to short so La Gomera “we will be back”

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